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How Much Does A Starbucks Coffee Cost? (2022 Update)

Written by: Oli Baise
Last updated: November 14, 2022

I spent three days researching Starbucks coffee prices online, as well as calling up Starbucks outlets, to find out how much Starbucks coffee cost in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

I also found out how much Starbucks’ most popular drink, a Tall Latte, costs in each country that the coffee shop operates. I compared this price to the average wage in that respective country to find out the true cost of a Starbucks latte in each country.

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USA Starbucks Coffee Prices

UK Starbucks Coffee Prices

Canada Starbucks Coffee Prices

Australia Starbucks Coffee Prices

Cost of A Latte Around The World

Starbucks Coffee Prices In The USA

These prices are for a company owned (unlicensed) store in Washington DC.

Prices within a country can vary depending on location and whether the store is licenced or not. Licenced stores in high traffic areas such as shopping malls and hospitals tend to inflate their prices.

CountryType of DrinkDrinkSizePrice
USAFilter CoffeeFilter CoffeeShort (8 fl oz)$1.95
USAFilter CoffeeFilter CoffeeTall (12 fl oz)$2.15
USAFilter CoffeeFilter CoffeeGrande (16 fl oz)$2.45
USAFilter CoffeeFilter CoffeeVenti (20 fl oz)$2.95
USAFilter CoffeeDark Roast CoffeeShort (8 fl oz)$2.15
USAFilter CoffeeDark Roast CoffeeTall (12 fl oz)$2.35
USAFilter CoffeeDark Roast CoffeeGrande (16 fl oz)$2.65
USAFilter CoffeeDark Roast CoffeeVenti (20 fl oz)$3.15
USAFilter CoffeeCaffe MistoShort (8 fl oz)$2.50
USAFilter CoffeeCaffe MistoTall (12 fl oz)$2.70
USAFilter CoffeeCaffe MistoGrande (16 fl oz)$3.00
USAFilter CoffeeCaffe MistoVenti (20 fl oz)$3.50
USAFilter CoffeePike Place RoastShort (8 fl oz)$1.95
USAFilter CoffeePike Place RoastTall (12 fl oz)$2.15
USAFilter CoffeePike Place RoastGrande (16 fl oz)$2.45
USAFilter CoffeePike Place RoastVenti (20 fl oz)$2.95
USAFilter CoffeeDecaf Pike Place RoastShort (8 fl oz)$1.95
USAFilter CoffeeDecaf Pike Place RoastTall (12 fl oz)$2.15
USAFilter CoffeeDecaf Pike Place RoastGrande (16 fl oz)$2.45
USAFilter CoffeeCoffee Traveler Filter Coffee12 pack of 8 fl oz$23.40
USAFilter CoffeeCoffee Traveler Dark Roast12 pack of 8 fl oz$25.80
USAFilter CoffeeCoffee Traveler Pike Place Roast12 pack of 8 fl oz$23.40
USAFilter CoffeeCoffee Traveler Decaf Pike Place Roast12 pack of 8 fl oz$23.40
USAEspresso ShotEspressoSingle (0.75 fl oz)$2.75
USAEspresso ShotEspressoDouble (1.5 fl oz)$2.95
USAEspresso ShotEspressoTriple (2.25 fl oz)$3.25
USAEspresso ShotEspressoQuad (3.45 fl oz)$3.45
USAEspresso ShotEspresso Con PannaSingle (0.75 fl oz)$2.85
USAEspresso ShotEspresso Con PannaDouble (1.5 fl oz)$3.05
USAEspresso ShotEspresso Con PannaTriple (2.25 fl oz)$3.35
USAEspresso ShotEspresso Con PannaQuad (3 fl oz)$3.55
USAAmericanoCaffe AmericanoShort (8 fl oz)$3.25
USAAmericanoCaffe AmericanoTall (12 fl oz)$3.45
USAAmericanoCaffe AmericanoGrande (16 fl oz)$3.95
USAAmericanoCaffe AmericanoVenti (20 fl oz)$4.25
USACappuccinoCappuccinoShort (8 fl oz)$3.85
USACappuccinoCappuccinoTall (12 fl oz)$3.95
USACappuccinoCappuccinoGrande (16 fl oz)$4.45
USACappuccinoCappuccinoVenti (20 fl oz)$4.95
USAFlat WhiteFlat WhiteShort (8 fl oz)$4.55
USAFlat WhiteFlat WhiteTall (12 fl oz)$4.75
USAFlat WhiteFlat WhiteGrande (16 fl oz)$5.25
USAFlat WhiteFlat WhiteVenti (20 fl oz)$5.45
USAFlat WhiteHoney Almondmilk Flat WhiteShort (8 fl oz)$5.15
USAFlat WhiteHoney Almondmilk Flat WhiteTall (12 fl oz)$5.25
USAFlat WhiteHoney Almondmilk Flat WhiteGrande (16 fl oz)$5.75
USAFlat WhiteHoney Almondmilk Flat WhiteVenti (20 fl oz)$6.25
USALatteCaffe LatteShort (8 fl oz)$3.85
USALatteCaffe LatteTall (12 fl oz)$3.95
USALatteCaffe LatteGrande (16 fl oz)$4.45
USALatteCaffe LatteVenti (20 fl oz)$4.95
USALatteCinnamon Dolce LatteShort (8 fl oz)$4.85
USALatteCinnamon Dolce LatteTall (12 fl oz)$4.95
USALatteCinnamon Dolce LatteGrande (16 f oz)$5.45
USALatteCinnamon Dolce LatteVenti (20 fl oz)$5.95
USALattePistachio LatteShort (8 fl oz)$4.65
USALattePistachio LatteTall (12 fl oz)$4.75
USALattePistachio LatteGrande (16 fl oz)$5.25
USALattePistachio LatteVenti (20 fl oz)$5.75
USALatteBlonde Vanilla LatteShort (8 fl oz)$4.65
USALatteBlonde Vanilla LatteTall (12 f oz)$4.75
USALatteBlonde Vanilla LatteGrande (16 fl oz)$5.25
USALatteBlonde Vanilla LatteVenti (20 fl oz)$5.75
USAMacchiatoEspresso MacchiatoSingle (0.8 fl oz)$2.85
USAMacchiatoEspresso MacchiatoDouble (1.6 fl oz)$3.05
USAMacchiatoEspresso MacchiatoTriple (2.3 fl oz)$3.35
USAMacchiatoEspresso MacchiatoQuad (3.1 fl oz)$3.55
USAMacchiatoCaramel MacchiatoShort (8 fl oz)$4.65
USAMacchiatoCaramel MacchiatoTall (12 fl oz)$4.75
USAMacchiatoCaramel MacchiatoGrande (16 fl oz)$5.25
USAMacchiatoCaramel MacchiatoVenti (20 fl oz)$5.45
USAMochaCaffe MochaShort (8 fl oz)$4.45
USAMochaCaffe MochaTall (12 fl oz)$4.55
USAMochaCaffe MochaGrande (16 fl oz)$4.95
USAMochaCaffe MochaVenti (20 fl oz)$5.25
USAMochaWhite Chocolate MochaVenti (20 fl oz)$4.85
USAMochaWhite Chocolate MochaTall (12 fl oz)$4.95
USAMochaWhite Chocolate MochaGrande (16 fl oz)$5.45
USAMochaWhite Chocolate MochaVenti (20 fl oz)$5.95
USAFrappuccinoMocha FrappuccinoTall (12 fl oz)$4.75
USAFrappuccinoMocha FrappuccinoGrande (16 fl oz)$5.25
USAFrappuccinoMocha FrappuccinoVenti (24 fl oz)$5.75
USAFrappuccinoJava Chip FrappuccinoTall (12 fl oz)$4.75
USAFrappuccinoJava Chip FrappuccinoGrande (16 fl oz)$5.25
USAFrappuccinoJava Chip FrappuccinoVenti (24 fl oz)$5.75
USAFrappuccinoCoffee FrappuccinoTall (12 fl oz)$4.25
USAFrappuccinoCoffee FrappuccinoGrande (16 fl oz)$4.75
USAFrappuccinoCoffee FrappuccinoVenti (24 fl oz)$5.25
USAFrappuccinoEspresso FrappuccinoTall (12 fl oz)$5.25
USAFrappuccinoEspresso FrappuccinoGrande (16 fl oz)$5.75
USAFrappuccinoEspresso FrappuccinoVenti (24 fl oz)$6.25
USAFrappuccinoCaffe Vanilla FrappuccinoTall (12 fl oz)$4.75
USAFrappuccinoCaffe Vanilla FrappuccinoGrande (16 fl oz)$5.25
USAFrappuccinoCaffe Vanilla FrappuccinoVenti (24 fl oz)$5.75
USAFrappuccinoCaramel FrappuccinoTall (12 fl oz)$4.65
USAFrappuccinoCaramel FrappuccinoGrande (16 fl oz)$5.15
USAFrappuccinoCaramel FrappuccinoVenti (24 fl oz)$5.65
USAFrappuccinoCaramel Ribbon Crunch FrappuccinoTall (12 oz)$4.75
USAFrappuccinoCaramel Ribbon Crunch FrappuccinoGrande (16 fl oz)$5.25
USAFrappuccinoCaramel Ribbon Crunch FrappuccinoVenti (24 fl oz)$5.75
USAFrappuccinoMocha Cookie Crumble FrappuccinoTall (12 fl oz)$4.75
USAFrappuccinoMocha Cookie Crumble FrappuccinoGrande (16 fl oz)$5.25
USAFrappuccinoMocha Cookie Crumble FrappuccinoVenti (24 fl oz)$5.75
USAFrappuccinoPistachio Coffee FrappuccinoTall (12 fl oz)$4.75
USAFrappuccinoPistachio Coffee FrappuccinoGrande (16 fl oz)$5.25
USAFrappuccinoPistachio Coffee FrappuccinoVenti (24 fl oz)$5.75
USACold BrewCold Brew CoffeeTall (12 fl oz)$3.85
USACold BrewCold Brew CoffeeGrande (16 fl oz)$4.25
USACold BrewCold Brew CoffeeVenti (24 fl oz)$4.75
USACold BrewCold Brew CoffeeTrenta (30 fl oz)$5.05
USACold BrewCold Brew Coffee With MilkTall (12 fl oz)$3.85
USACold BrewCold Brew Coffee With MilkGrande (16 fl oz)$4.25
USACold BrewCold Brew Coffee With MilkVenti (24 fl oz)$4.75
USACold BrewCold Brew Coffee With MilkTrenta (30 fl oz)$5.05
USACold BrewVanilla Sweet Cream Cold BrewTall (12 fl oz)$4.25
USACold BrewVanilla Sweet Cream Cold BrewGrande (16 fl oz)$4.45
USACold BrewVanilla Sweet Cream Cold BrewVenti (24 fl oz)$5.05
USACold BrewVanilla Sweet Cream Cold BrewTrenta (30 fl oz)$5.25
USACold BrewSalted Caramel Cream Cold BrewTall (12 fl oz)$4.35
USACold BrewSalted Caramel Cream Cold BrewGrande (16 fl oz)$4.95
USACold BrewSalted Caramel Cream Cold BrewVenti (24 fl oz)$5.15
USACold BrewSalted Caramel Cream Cold BrewTrenta (30 fl oz)$5.45
USAIced AmericanoIced Caffe AmericanoTall (12 fl oz)$2.95
USAIced AmericanoIced Caffe AmericanoGrande (16 fl oz)$3.45
USAIced AmericanoIced Caffe AmericanoVenti (24 fl oz)$3.85
USAIced CoffeeIced CoffeeTall (30 fl oz)$3.35
USAIced CoffeeIced CoffeeGrande (12 fl oz)$3.75
USAIced CoffeeIced CoffeeVenti (16 fl oz)$4.35
USAIced CoffeeIced CoffeeTrenta (24 fl oz)$4.55
USAIced CoffeeIced Coffee With MilkTall (12 fl oz)$3.35
USAIced CoffeeIced Coffee With MilkGrande (16 fl oz)$3.75
USAIced CoffeeIced Coffee With MilkVenti (24 fl oz)$4.35
USAIced CoffeeIced Coffee With MilkTrenta (30 fl oz)$4.55
USAIced Shaken EspressoIced Chocolate Almondmilk Shaken EspressoTall (12 fl oz)$5.05
USAIced Shaken EspressoIced Chocolate Almondmilk Shaken EspressoGrande (16 fl oz)$5.75
USAIced Shaken EspressoIced Chocolate Almondmilk Shaken EspressoVenti (24 fl oz)$5.95
USAIced Shaken EspressoIced Shaken EspressoTall (12 fl oz)$3.65
USAIced Shaken EspressoIced Shaken EspressoGrande (16 fl oz)$4.25
USAIced Shaken EspressoIced Shaken EspressoVenti (24 fl oz)$5.05
USAIced Shaken EspressoIced Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken EspressoTall (12 fl oz)$5.05
USAIced Shaken EspressoIced Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken EspressoGrande (16 fl oz)$5.75
USAIced Shaken EspressoIced Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken EspressoVenti (24 fl oz)$5.95
USAIced Shaken EspressoIced Toasted Vanilla Oatmilk Shaken EspressoTall (12 fl oz)$5.05
USAIced Shaken EspressoIced Toasted Vanilla Oatmilk Shaken EspressoGrande (16 fl oz)$5.75
USAIced Shaken EspressoIced Toasted Vanilla Oatmilk Shaken EspressoVenti (24 fl oz)$6.35
USAIced Flat WhiteIced Flat WhiteTall (12 fl oz)$4.65
USAIced Flat WhiteIced Flat WhiteGrande (16 fl oz)$5.15
USAIced Flat WhiteIced Flat WhiteVenti (24 fl oz)$5.85
USAIced Flat WhiteIced Honey Almond Flat WhiteTall (12 fl oz)$5.05
USAIced Flat WhiteIced Honey Almond Flat WhiteGrande (16 fl oz)$5.75
USAIced Flat WhiteIced Honey Almond Flat WhiteVenti (24 fl oz)$6.35
USAIced LatteIced Caffe LatteTall (12 fl oz)$3.85
USAIced LatteIced Caffe LatteGrande (16 fl oz)$4.45
USAIced LatteIced Caffe LatteVenti (24 fl oz)$5.15
USAIced LatteIced Cinnamon Dolce LatteTall (12 fl oz)$4.85
USAIced LatteIced Cinnamon Dolce LatteGrande (16 fl oz)$5.25
USAIced LatteIced Cinnamon Dolce LatteVenti (24 fl oz)$6.05
USAIced LatteIced Blonde Vanilla LatteTall (12 fl oz)$4.65
USAIced LatteIced Blonde Vanilla LatteGrande (16 fl oz)$5.05
USAIced LatteIced Blonde Vanilla LatteVenti (24 fl oz)$5.75
USAIced LatteIced Pistachio LatteTall (12 fl oz)$4.65
USAIced LatteIced Pistachio LatteGrande (16 fl oz)$5.15
USAIced LatteIced Pistachio LatteVenti (24 fl oz)$6.05
USAIced MacchiatoIced Caramel MacchiatoTall (12 fl oz)$4.65
USAIced MacchiatoIced Caramel MacchiatoGrande (16 fl oz)$5.15
USAIced MacchiatoIced Caramel MacchiatoVenti (24 fl oz)$5.85
USAIced MochaIced White Chocolate MochaTall (12 fl oz)$4.85
USAIced MochaIced White Chocolate MochaGrande (16 fl oz)$5.35
USAIced MochaIced White Chocolate MochaVenti (24 fl oz)$6.15
USAIced MochaIced Caffe MochaTall (12 fl oz)$4.45
USAIced MochaIced Caffe MochaGrande (16 fl oz)$4.85
USAIced MochaIced Caffe MochaVenti (24 fl oz)$5.65

Starbucks Coffee Prices In The UK

These prices are from a company owned store in London. Prices may vary from region to region.

CountryType of DrinkDrinkSizePrice
UKFilter CoffeeFilter CoffeeTall (354 ml)£1.55
UKFilter CoffeeFilter CoffeeGrande (473 ml)£1.75
UKFilter CoffeeFilter CoffeeVenti (591 ml)£1.95
UKFilter CoffeeCaffe MistoTall (354 ml)£1.90
UKFilter CoffeeCaffe MistoGrande (473 ml)£2.15
UKFilter CoffeeCaffe MistoVenti (591 ml)£2.50
UKEspresso ShotEspressoSolo (25 ml)£2.10
UKEspresso ShotEspressoDoppio (50 ml)£2.40
UKAmericanoAmericanoTall (354 ml)£2.10
UKAmericanoAmericanoGrande (473 ml)£2.50
UKAmericanoAmericanoVenti (591 ml)£3
UKLatteCaffe LatteTall (354 ml)£3
UKLatteCaffe LatteGrande (473 ml)£3.30
UKLatteCaffe LatteVenti (591 ml)£3.50
UKLatteCaffe MochaTall (354 ml)£3.20
UKLatteCaffe MochaGrande (473 ml)£3.50
UKLatteCaffe MochaVenti (591 ml)£3.70
UKLatteWhite Chocolate MochaTall (354 ml)£3.45
UKLatteWhite Chocolate MochaGrande (473 ml)£3.75
UKLatteWhite Chocolate MochaVenti (591 ml)£3.95
UKCappuccinoCappuccinoTall (354 ml)£2.75
UKCappuccinoCappuccinoGrande (473 ml)£3.05
UKCappuccinoCappuccinoVenti (591 ml)£3.25
UKMacchiatoCaramel MacchiatoTall (354 ml)£3.35
UKMacchiatoCaramel MacchiatoGrande (473 ml)£3.65
UKMacchiatoCaramel MacchiatoVenti (591 ml)£3.95
UKIced AmericanoIced Caffe AmericanoTall (354 ml)£2.50
UKIced AmericanoIced Caffe AmericanoGrande (473 ml)£2.80
UKIced AmericanoIced Caffe AmericanoVenti (591 ml)£3.30
UKIced LatteIced Caffe LatteTall (354 ml)£2.75
UKIced LatteIced Caffe LatteGrande (473 ml)£3.05
UKIced LatteIced Caffe LatteVenti (591 ml)£3.55
UKIced LatteIced Caffe MochaTall (354 ml)£3.10
UKIced LatteIced Caffe MochaGrande (473 ml)£3.40
UKIced LatteIced Caffe MochaVenti (591 ml)£3.60
UKIced LatteIced Blonde LatteTall (354 ml)£2.75
UKIced LatteIced Blonde LatteGrande (473 ml)£3.05
UKIced LatteIced Blonde LatteVenti (591 ml)£3.25
UKIced MacchiatoIced Caramel MacchiatoTall (354 ml)£3.35
UKIced MacchiatoIced Caramel MacchiatoGrande (473 ml)£3.65
UKIced MacchiatoIced Caramel MacchiatoVenti (591 ml)£3.85
UKCold BrewCold Brew CoffeeTall (354 ml)£2.50
UKCold BrewCold Brew CoffeeGrande (473 ml)£2.80
UKCold BrewCold Brew CoffeeVenti (591 ml)£3.10
UKCold BrewCold Brew LatteTall (354 ml)£2.75
UKCold BrewCold Brew LatteGrande (473 ml)£3.05
UKCold BrewCold Brew LatteVenti (591 ml)£3.25
UKFrappuccinoCoffee FrappuccinoTall (354 ml)£3.15
UKFrappuccinoCoffee FrappuccinoGrande (473 ml)£3.45
UKFrappuccinoCoffee FrappuccinoVenti (591 ml)£3.65
UKFrappuccinoEspresso FrappuccinoTall (354 ml)£3.15
UKFrappuccinoEspresso FrappuccinoGrande (473 ml)£3.45
UKFrappuccinoEspresso FrappuccinoVenti (591 ml)£3.65
UKFrappuccinoMocha FrappuccinoTall (354 ml)£3.35
UKFrappuccinoMocha FrappuccinoGrande (473 ml)£3.65
UKFrappuccinoMocha FrappuccinoVenti (591 ml)£3.85
UKFrappuccinoCaramel FrappuccinoTall (354 ml)£3.35
UKFrappuccinoCaramel FrappuccinoGrande (473 ml)£3.65
UKFrappuccinoCaramel FrappuccinoVenti (591 ml)£3.85
UKFrappuccinoJava Chip FrappuccinoTall (354 ml)£3.35
UKFrappuccinoJava Chip FrappuccinoGrande (473 ml)£3.65
UKFrappuccinoJava Chip FrappuccinoVenti (591 ml)£3.85
UKFrappuccinoWhite Chocolate Mocha FrappuccinoTall (354 ml)£3.35
UKFrappuccinoWhite Chocolate Mocha FrappuccinoGrande (473 ml)£3.65
UKFrappuccinoWhite Chocolate Mocha FrappuccinoVenti (591 ml)£3.85

Starbucks Coffee Prices in Canada

These prices come from a company owned store in Ottawa. Prices are listed in Canadian Dollars.

CountryType of DrinkDrinkSizePrice
CanadaFilter CoffeeFilter CoffeeShort (8 fl oz)$1.85
CanadaFilter CoffeeFilter CoffeeTall (12 fl oz)$1.95
CanadaFilter CoffeeFilter CoffeeGrande (16 fl oz)$2.15
CanadaFilter CoffeeFilter CoffeeVenti (20 fl oz)$2.95
CanadaFilter CoffeeDark Roast CoffeeShort (8 fl oz)$1.85
CanadaFilter CoffeeDark Roast CoffeeTall (12 fl oz)$1.95
CanadaFilter CoffeeDark Roast CoffeeGrande (16 fl oz)$2.15
CanadaFilter CoffeeDark Roast CoffeeVenti (20 fl oz)$2.95
CanadaFilter CoffeePike Place CoffeeShort (8 fl oz)$1.85
CanadaFilter CoffeePike Place CoffeeTall (12 fl oz)$1.95
CanadaFilter CoffeePike Place CoffeeGrande (16 fl oz)$2.15
CanadaFilter CoffeePike Place CoffeeVenti (20 fl oz)$2.95
CanadaFilter CoffeePike Place Decaf CoffeeShort (8 fl oz)$1.85
CanadaFilter CoffeePike Place Decaf CoffeeTall (12 fl oz)$1.95
CanadaFilter CoffeePike Place Decaf CoffeeGrande (16 fl oz)$2.15
CanadaFilter CoffeePike Place Decaf CoffeeVenti (20 fl oz)$2.95
CanadaFilter CoffeeCaffe MistoShort (8 fl oz)$2.45
CanadaFilter CoffeeCaffe MistoTall (12 fl oz)$2.55
CanadaFilter CoffeeCaffe MistoGrande (16 fl oz)$2.85
CanadaFilter CoffeeCaffe MistoVenti (20 fl oz)$3.55
CanadaAmericanoCaffe AmericanoShort (8 fl oz)$2.65
CanadaAmericanoCaffe AmericanoTall (12 fl oz)$2.85
CanadaAmericanoCaffe AmericanoGrande (16 fl oz)$3.25
CanadaAmericanoCaffe AmericanoVenti (20 fl oz)$3.85
CanadaAmericanoAmericano MistoShort (8 fl oz$3.45
CanadaAmericanoAmericano MistoTall (12 fl oz)$3.65
CanadaAmericanoAmericano MistoGrande (16 fl oz)$4.25
CanadaAmericanoAmericano MistoVenti (600 fl oz)$4.75
CanadaAmericanoBlonde Americano MistoShort (8 fl oz)$3.45
CanadaAmericanoBlonde Americano MistoTall (12 fl oz)$3.65
CanadaAmericanoBlonde Americano MistoGrande (16 fl oz)$4.25
CanadaAmericanoBlonde Americano MistoVenti (20 fl oz)$4.75
CanadaCappuccinoCappuccinoShort (8 fl oz)$3.45
CanadaCappuccinoCappuccinoTall (12 fl oz)$3.65
CanadaCappuccinoCappuccinoGrande (16 fl oz)$4.25
CanadaCappuccinoCappuccinoVenti (20 fl oz)$4.75
CanadaMacchiatoEspresso MacchiatoSolo (1 fl oz)$2.05
CanadaMacchiatoEspresso MacchiatoDoppio (2 fl oz)$2.25
CanadaMacchiatoEspresso MacchiatoTriple (3 fl oz)$2.65
CanadaMacchiatoEspresso MacchiatoQuad (4 fl oz)$3.25
CanadaMacchiatoCaramel MacchiatoShort (8 fl oz)$3.95
CanadaMacchiatoCaramel MacchiatoTall (12 fl oz)$4.05
CanadaMacchiatoCaramel MacchiatoGrande (16 fl oz)$4.75
CanadaMacchiatoCaramel MacchiatoVenti (20 fl oz)$4.95
CanadaFlat WhiteFlat WhiteShort (8 fl oz)$3.75
CanadaFlat WhiteFlat WhiteTall (12 fl oz)$4.25
CanadaFlat WhiteFlat WhiteGrande (16 fl oz)$4.75
CanadaFlat WhiteFlat WhiteVenti (20 fl oz)$5.15
CanadaFlat WhiteHoney Almond Flat WhiteShort (8 fl oz)$4.35
CanadaFlat WhiteHoney Almond Flat WhiteTall (12 fl oz)$4.75
CanadaFlat WhiteHoney Almond Flat WhiteGrande (16 fl oz)$5.35
CanadaFlat WhiteHoney Almond Flat WhiteVenti (20 fl oz)$5.55
CanadaLatteCaffe LatteShort (8 fl oz)$3.45
CanadaLatteCaffe LatteTall (12 fl oz)$3.65
CanadaLatteCaffe LatteGrande (16 fl oz)$4.25
CanadaLatteCaffe LatteVenti (20 fl oz)$4.75
CanadaLatteCinnamon Dolce LatteShort (8 fl oz)$3.95
CanadaLatteCinnamon Dolce LatteTall (12 fl oz)$4.05
CanadaLatteCinnamon Dolce LatteGrande (16 fl oz)$4.55
CanadaLatteCinnamon Dolce LatteVenti (20 fl oz)$4.95
CanadaLatteBlonde Vanilla LatteShort (8 fl oz)$4.05
CanadaLatteBlonde Vanilla LatteTall (12 fl oz)$4.15
CanadaLatteBlonde Vanilla LatteGrande (16 fl oz)$4.75
CanadaLatteBlonde Vanilla LatteVenti (20 fl oz)$5.25
CanadaLatteBlonde Hazelnut LatteShort (8 fl oz)$4.05
CanadaLatteBlonde Hazelnut LatteTall (12 fl oz)$4.15
CanadaLatteBlonde Hazelnut LatteGrande (16 fl oz)$4.75
CanadaLatteBlonde Hazelnut LatteVenti (20 fl oz)$5.25
CanadaLattePistachio LatteShort (8 fl oz)$4.15
CanadaLattePistachio LatteTall (12 fl oz)$4.25
CanadaLattePistachio LatteGrande (16 fl oz)$4.85
CanadaLattePistachio LatteVenti (20 fl oz)$5.35
CanadaLatteCaffe MochaShort (8 fl oz)$3.85
CanadaLatteCaffe MochaTall (12 fl oz)$4.15
CanadaLatteCaffe MochaGrande (16 fl oz)$4.95
CanadaLatteCaffe MochaVenti (20 fl oz)$5.65
CanadaLatteWhite Chocolate MochaShort (8 fl oz)$3.95
CanadaLatteWhite Chocolate MochaTall (12 fl oz)$4.05
CanadaLatteWhite Chocolate MochaGrande (16 fl oz)$4.55
CanadaLatteWhite Chocolate MochaVenti (20 fl oz)$5.55
CanadaIced CoffeeIced CoffeeTall (12 fl oz)$2.35
CanadaIced CoffeeIced CoffeeGrande (16 fl oz)$2.95
CanadaIced CoffeeIced CoffeeVenti (20 fl oz$3.25
CanadaIced CoffeeIced Coffee With MilkTall (12 fl oz)$2.35
CanadaIced CoffeeIced Coffee With MilkGrande (16 fl oz)$2.95
CanadaIced CoffeeIced Coffee With MilkVenti (24 fl oz)$3.25
CanadaIced AmericanoIced AmericanoTall (12 fl oz)$2.75
CanadaIced AmericanoIced AmericanoGrande (16 fl oz)$3.35
CanadaIced AmericanoIced AmericanoVenti (24 fl oz)$3.75
CanadaIced Shaken EspressoIced Shaken EspressoTall (12 fl oz)$3.05
CanadaIced Shaken EspressoIced Shaken EspressoGrande (16 fl oz)$3.55
CanadaIced Shaken EspressoIced Shaken EspressoVenti (24 fl oz)$4.45
CanadaIced Flat WhiteIced Flat WhiteTall (12 fl oz)$4.00
CanadaIced Flat WhiteIced Flat WhiteGrande (16 fl oz)$4.50
CanadaIced Flat WhiteIced Flat WhiteVenti (24 fl oz)$4.90
CanadaIced Flat WhiteIced Honey Almond Flat WhiteTall (12 fl oz)$4.65
CanadaIced Flat WhiteIced Honey Almond Flat WhiteGrande (16 fl oz)$5.25
CanadaIced Flat WhiteIced Honey Almond Flat WhiteVenti (24 fl oz)$5.45
CanadaIced LatteIced Caffe LatteTall (12 fl oz)$3.55
CanadaIced LatteIced Caffe LatteGrande (16 fl oz)$4.15
CanadaIced LatteIced Caffe LatteVenti (24 fl oz)$4.65
CanadaIced LatteIced Blonde Vanilla LatteTall (12 fl oz)$4.10
CanadaIced LatteIced Blonde Vanilla LatteGrande (16 fl oz)$4.70
CanadaIced LatteIced Blonde Vanilla LatteVenti (24 fl oz)$5.20
CanadaIced LatteIced Blonde Hazelnut LatteTall (12 fl oz)$4.10
CanadaIced LatteIced Blonde Hazelnut LatteGrande (16 fl oz)$4.70
CanadaIced LatteIced Blonde Hazelnut LatteVenti (24 fl oz)$5.20
CanadaIced LatteIced Pistachio LatteTall (12 fl oz)$4.15
CanadaIced LatteIced Pistachio LatteGrande (16 fl oz)$4.75
CanadaIced LatteIced Pistachio LatteVenti (24 fl oz)$5.05
CanadaIced LatteIced Caffe MochaTall (12 fl oz)$3.80
CanadaIced LatteIced Caffe MochaGrande (16 fl oz)$4.40
CanadaIced LatteIced Caffe MochaVenti (24 fl oz)$5.20
CanadaIced LatteIced White Chocolate MochaTall (12 fl oz)$4.05
CanadaIced LatteIced White Chocolate MochaGrande (16 fl oz)$4.55
CanadaIced LatteIced White Chocolate MochaVenti (24 fl oz)$5.15
CanadaIced MacchiatoIced Caramel MacchiatoTall (12 fl oz)$4.05
CanadaIced MacchiatoIced Caramel MacchiatoGrande (16 fl oz)$4.55
CanadaIced MacchiatoIced Caramel MacchiatoVenti (24 fl oz)$4.95
CanadaCold BrewCold Brew CoffeeTall (12 fl oz)$3.00
CanadaCold BrewCold Brew CoffeeGrande (16 fl oz)$3.60
CanadaCold BrewCold Brew CoffeeVenti (24 fl oz)$3.80
CanadaCold BrewCold Brew CoffeeTrenta (31 fl oz)$4.00
CanadaCold BrewVanilla Sweet Cream Cold BrewTall (12 fl oz)$3.45
CanadaCold BrewVanilla Sweet Cream Cold BrewGrande (16 fl oz)$3.95
CanadaCold BrewVanilla Sweet Cream Cold BrewVenti (24 fl oz)$4.25
CanadaCold BrewVanilla Sweet Cream Cold BrewTrenta (31 fl oz)$4.45
CanadaCold BrewSalted Caramel Cream Cold BrewTall (12 fl oz)$3.60
CanadaCold BrewSalted Caramel Cream Cold BrewGrande (16 fl oz)$4.20
CanadaCold BrewSalted Caramel Cream Cold BrewVenti (24 fl oz)$4.40
CanadaCold BrewSalted Caramel Cream Cold BrewTrenta (31 fl oz)$5.00
CanadaFrappuccinoCoffee FrappuccinoTall (12 fl oz)$4.05
CanadaFrappuccinoCoffee FrappuccinoGrande (16 fl oz)$4.55
CanadaFrappuccinoCoffee FrappuccinoVenti (24 fl oz)$5.05
CanadaFrappuccinoEspresso FrappuccinoTall (12 fl oz)$4.75
CanadaFrappuccinoEspresso FrappuccinoGrande (16 fl oz)$5.35
CanadaFrappuccinoEspresso FrappuccinoVenti (24 fl oz)$5.75
CanadaFrappuccinoCaramel FrappuccinoTall (12 fl oz)$4.15
CanadaFrappuccinoCaramel FrappuccinoGrande (16 fl oz)$4.75
CanadaFrappuccinoCaramel FrappuccinoVenti (24 fl oz)$5.05
CanadaFrappuccinoMocha FrappuccinoTall (12 fl oz)$4.15
CanadaFrappuccinoMocha FrappuccinoGrande (16 fl oz)$4.75
CanadaFrappuccinoMocha FrappuccinoVenti (24 fl oz)$5.05
CanadaFrappuccinoWhite Chocolate Mocha FrappuccinoTall (12 fl oz)$4.15
CanadaFrappuccinoWhite Chocolate Mocha FrappuccinoGrande (16 fl oz)$4.75
CanadaFrappuccinoWhite Chocolate Mocha FrappuccinoVenti (24 fl oz)$5.05
CanadaFrappuccinoJava Chip FrappuccinoTall (12 fl oz)$4.15
CanadaFrappuccinoJava Chip FrappuccinoGrande (16 fl oz)$4.75
CanadaFrappuccinoJava Chip FrappuccinoVenti (24 fl oz)$5.05
CanadaFrappuccinoCaffe Vanilla FrappuccinoTall (12 fl oz)$4.15
CanadaFrappuccinoCaffe Vanilla FrappuccinoGrande (16 fl oz)$4.75
CanadaFrappuccinoCaffe Vanilla FrappuccinoVenti (24 fl oz)$5.05
CanadaFrappuccinoMocha Cookie Crumble FrappuccinoTall (12 fl oz)$4.35
CanadaFrappuccinoMocha Cookie Crumble FrappuccinoGrande (16 fl oz)$4.95
CanadaFrappuccinoMocha Cookie Crumble FrappuccinoVenti (24 fl oz)$5.35
CanadaFrappuccinoPistachio Coffee FrappuccinoTall (12 fl oz)$4.35
CanadaFrappuccinoPistachio Coffee FrappuccinoGrande (16 fl oz)$4.95
CanadaFrappuccinoPistachio Coffee FrappuccinoVenti (20 f oz)$5.35

Starbucks Coffee Prices in Australia

These prices come from a company owned store in Sydney (I could not find prices for any stores based in Canberra). Prices are listed in Australian Dollars.

CountryType of DrinkDrinkSizePrice
AustraliaEspresso based drinkAmericanoShort (236 ml)$4.20
AustraliaEspresso based drinkAmericanoTall (354 ml)$4.70
AustraliaEspresso based drinkAmericanoGrande (473 ml)$5.20
AustraliaEspresso based drinkAmericanoVenti (591 ml)$5.70
AustraliaEspresso based drinkLatteShort (236 ml)$4.20
AustraliaEspresso based drinkLatteTall (354 ml)$4.70
AustraliaEspresso based drinkLatteGrande (473 ml)$5.20
AustraliaEspresso based drinkLatteVenti (591 ml)$5.70
AustraliaEspresso based drinkCappuccinoShort (236 ml)$4.20
AustraliaEspresso based drinkCappuccinoTall (354 ml)$4.70
AustraliaEspresso based drinkCappuccinoGrande (473 ml)$5.20
AustraliaEspresso based drinkCappuccinoVenti (591 ml)$5,70
AustraliaEspresso based drinkFlat WhiteShort (236 ml)$4.20
AustraliaEspresso based drinkFlat WhiteTall (354 ml)$4.70
AustraliaEspresso based drinkFlat WhiteGrande (473 ml)$5.20
AustraliaEspresso based drinkFlat WhiteVenti (591 ml)$5.70
AustraliaEspresso based drinkCaramel MacchiatoShort (236 ml)$4.90
AustraliaEspresso based drinkCaramel MacchiatoTall (354 ml)$5.40
AustraliaEspresso based drinkCaramel MacchiatoGrande (473 ml)$5.90
AustraliaEspresso based drinkCaramel MacchiatoVenti (591 ml)$6.40
AustraliaEspresso based drinkCaramel Cloud MacchiatoShort (236 ml)$5.60
AustraliaEspresso based drinkCaramel Cloud MacchiatoTall (354 ml)$6.10
AustraliaEspresso based drinkCaramel Cloud MacchiatoGrande (473 ml)$6.60
AustraliaEspresso based drinkCaramel Cloud MacchiatoVenti (591 ml)$7.10
AustraliaEspresso based drinkCaffe MochaShort (236 ml)$4.55
AustraliaEspresso based drinkCaffe MochaTall (354 ml)$5.05
AustraliaEspresso based drinkCaffe MochaGrande (473 ml)$5.55
AustraliaEspresso based drinkCaffe MochaVenti (591 ml)$6.05
AustraliaEspresso based drinkWhite Chocolate MochaShort (236 ml)$4.55
AustraliaEspresso based drinkWhite Chocolate MochaTall (354 ml)$5.05
AustraliaEspresso based drinkWhite Chocolate MochaGrande (473 ml)$5.55
AustraliaEspresso based drinkWhite Chocolate MochaVenti (591 ml)$6.05
AustraliaCold CoffeeCold Brew CoffeeTall (354 ml)$4.90
AustraliaCold CoffeeCold Brew CoffeeGrande (473 ml)$5.40
AustraliaCold CoffeeCold Brew CoffeeVenti (591 ml)$5.90
AustraliaCold CoffeeVanilla Sweet Cream Cold BrewTall (354 ml)$5.25
AustraliaCold CoffeeVanilla Sweet Cream Cold BrewGrande (473 ml)$5.75
AustraliaCold CoffeeVanilla Sweet Cream Cold BrewVenti (591 ml)$6.25
AustraliaCold CoffeeCold Brew LatteTall (354 ml)$5.25
AustraliaCold CoffeeCold Brew LatteGrande (473 ml)$5.75
AustraliaCold CoffeeCold Brew LatteVenti (591 ml)$6.25
AustraliaCold CoffeeChocolate Truffle Cold BrewTall (354 ml)$5.25
AustraliaCold CoffeeChocolate Truffle Cold BrewGrande (473 ml)$5.75
AustraliaCold CoffeeChocolate Truffle Cold BrewVenti (591 ml)$6.25
AustraliaCold CoffeeIced AmericanoTall (354 ml)$4.55
AustraliaCold CoffeeIced AmericanoGrande (473 ml)$5.05
AustraliaCold CoffeeIced AmericanoVenti (591 ml)$5.55
AustraliaCold CoffeeIced CappucinoTall (354 ml)$4.55
AustraliaCold CoffeeIced CappucinoGrande (473 ml)$5.05
AustraliaCold CoffeeIced CappucinoVenti (591 ml)$5.55
AustraliaCold CoffeeIced LatteTall (354 ml)$4.55
AustraliaCold CoffeeIced LatteGrande (473 ml)$5.05
AustraliaCold CoffeeIced LatteVenti (591 ml)$5.55
AustraliaCold CoffeeIced Caffe MochaTall (354 ml)$4.90
AustraliaCold CoffeeIced Caffe MochaGrande (473 ml)$5.40
AustraliaCold CoffeeIced Caffe MochaVenti (591 ml)$5.90
AustraliaCold CoffeeIced White Chocolate MochaTall (354 ml)$4.90
AustraliaCold CoffeeIced White Chocolate MochaGrande (473 ml)$5.40
AustraliaCold CoffeeIced White Chocolate MochaVenti (591 ml)$5.90
AustraliaCold CoffeeIced Caramel MacchiatoTall (354 ml)$5.25
AustraliaCold CoffeeIced Caramel MacchiatoGrande (473 ml)$5.75
AustraliaCold CoffeeIced Caramel MacchiatoVenti (591 ml)$6.25
AustraliaCold CoffeeIced Caramel Cloud MacchiatoTall (354 ml)$5.95
AustraliaCold CoffeeIced Caramel Cloud MacchiatoGrande (473 ml)$6.45
AustraliaCold CoffeeIced Caramel Cloud MacchiatoVenti (591 ml)$6.95
AustraliaFrappuccinoCoffee FrappuccinoTall (354 ml)$5.60
AustraliaFrappuccinoCoffee FrappuccinoGrande (473 ml)$6.10
AustraliaFrappuccinoCoffee FrappuccinoVenti (591 ml)$6.60
AustraliaFrappuccinoEspresso FrappuccinoTall (354 ml)$5.60
AustraliaFrappuccinoEspresso FrappuccinoGrande (473 ml)$6.10
AustraliaFrappuccinoEspresso FrappuccinoVenti (591 ml)$6.60
AustraliaFrappuccinoDark Mocha FrappuccinoTall (354 ml)$5.60
AustraliaFrappuccinoDark Mocha FrappuccinoGrande (473 ml)$6.10
AustraliaFrappuccinoDark Mocha FrappuccinoVenti (591 ml)$6.60
AustraliaFrappuccinoWhite Chocolate Mocha FrappuccinoTall (354 ml)$5.60
AustraliaFrappuccinoWhite Chocolate Mocha FrappuccinoGrande (473 ml)$6.10
AustraliaFrappuccinoWhite Chocolate Mocha FrappuccinoVenti (591 ml)$6.60
AustraliaFrappuccinoJava Chip FrappuccinoTall (354 ml)$6.30
AustraliaFrappuccinoJava Chip FrappuccinoGrande (473 ml)$6.80
AustraliaFrappuccinoJava Chip FrappuccinoVenti (591 ml)$7.30
AustraliaFrappuccinoCaramel FrappuccinoTall (354 ml)$5.60
AustraliaFrappuccinoCaramel FrappuccinoGrande (473 ml)$6.10
AustraliaFrappuccinoCaramel FrappuccinoVenti (591 ml)$6.60
AustraliaFrappuccinoMocha FrappuccinoTall (354 ml)$5.60
AustraliaFrappuccinoMocha FrappuccinoGrande (473 ml)$6.10
AustraliaFrappuccinoMocha FrappuccinoVenti (591 ml)$6.60
AustraliaFrappuccinoTriple Mocha FrappuccinoTall (354 ml)$6.30
AustraliaFrappuccinoTriple Mocha FrappuccinoGrande (473 ml)$6.80
AustraliaFrappuccinoTriple Mocha FrappuccinoVenti (591 ml)$7.30
AustraliaFrappuccinoUltra Caramel FrappuccinoTall (354 ml)$6.30
AustraliaFrappuccinoUltra Caramel FrappuccinoGrande (473 ml)$6.80
AustraliaFrappuccinoUltra Caramel FrappuccinoVenti (591 ml)$7.30

What Is The Cost Of A Starbucks Latte In Every Country

I researched by phone, email, and online to find out the cost of a Tall Latte at Starbucks in every country that the franchise operates in.

I then compared these prices to the average hourly salary in all of these countries to find out how many minutes of work, on average, it takes to earn a Starbucks in each country that they are sold in.

Key Findings:

  • Denmark has the priciest Starbucks latte in the world, costing $6.19
  • Panama have the cheapest Starbucks latte in the world, costing only $1.60
  • In the USA the average employee needs to work 5 minutes and 12 seconds to earn a latte
  • Indian employees have to work the longest to earn a latte: 3 hours and 39 minutes.

You can find a table and an interactive map with the findings below.

CountryPrice of Tall Latte in USDPrice of Tall latte in local currencyGDP per capita (USD)Average Hourly Rate ($)How many minutes to earn a tall latte
Denmark$6.19Danish Krone 42.40$61,063$33.9210.9
Switzerland$5.93Swiss Franc 5.50$87,097$48.387.4
Austria$5.87Euro 5.40$48,568$26.7013.1
Finland$5.55Euro 5.10$48,745$27.0812.3
Norway$5.46Norweigian Krone: 48.60$67,329$37.418.8
Macau*$5.27Macanese Pataca 42.40$39,403$21.8914.4
Luxembourg$5.18Euro 5.30$116,014$64.454.8
Russia**$5.07Russian Ruble 5.95$10,126$5.6354.1
Lebanon*$4.98Lebanese Pound 6915$4,649$2.58115.7
Hong Kong*$4.92Hong Kong dollar 38.50$46,323$25.7411.5
Barbados*$4.65Bajan Dollar: 9.37$15,373$8.5432.7
Monaco$4.61Euro 4.20$173,688$96.492.9
Singapore$4.59Singapore Dollar 6.25$59,767$33.218.3
Germany$4.57Euro 4.20$46,208$25.6710.7
Sweden$4.53Swedish Krona 44$52,274$29.049.4
Belgium$4.51Euro 4.15$45,159$25.0910.8
France$4.46Euro 4.10$39,030$21.6812.3
Kuwait*$4.44Kuwait Dinar 1.35$24,811$13.7819.3
The Bahamas*$4.40Bahama Dollar 4.40$25,194$13.9718.9
Uruguay$4.33Uruguayan Peso 185$15,434$8.5730.3
Chile$4.31Chile Peso 3,500$13,231$7.3535.2
China*$4.3Yuan 27.15$10,434$5.8044.5
Netherlands$4.28Euro 3.90$52,397$29.118.8
Jordan*$4.23Jordanian Dinar 3.00$4,282$2.38106.7
United Arab Emirates$4.17United Arab Emirates Dinar 15.30$36,284$20.1612.4
Bahrain*$4.16Dinar 1.57$20,410$11.3922
Oman*$4.16Omani Rial: 1.60$14,485$8.0531
Dominican Republic*$4.16Dominican Peso 235$7,268$4.0461.8
Greece$4.14Euro 3.80$17,622$9.7925.4
Qatar*$4.08Quatari Rial 14.80$50,124$27.858.8
United Kingdom$4.08Great British Pound 3.10$41,059$22.8110.7
Brunei*$4.04Brunei Dollar 5.50$27,433$15.2415.9
South Korea*$4.03South Korean Won 4950$31,631$17.5713.8
Ireland$3.94Euro 3.60$85,267$47.375
Jamaica*$3.91Jamaican Dollar 600$4,664$2.5990.5
India*$3.90Indian Rupee 300$1,927$1.07218.6
Taiwan$3.88Taiwan Dollar 110$56,959$31.647.4
Saudi Arabia*$3.87Saudi Riyal 14.50$20,110$11.1720.8
Kazakhstan*$3.87Kazakhstan Tenge 1970$9,122$5.0845.8
Costa Rica$3.79Costa Rica Colon 2435$12,140$6.7433.7
Japan$3.75Japanese Yen 435$40,193$22.3310.1
Malta$3.62Euro 3.30$27,884$15.4914
New Zealand$3.56New Zealand Dollar 5.20$41,441$23.029.3
Andorra$3.50Euro 3.20$40,897$22.729.2
Trinidad and Tobago*$3.49Trinidad dollar 23.70$15,425$8.5724.4
Vietnam$3.46Vietnamese Dong 74500$2,785$1.55134.2
Canada$3.41Canadian Dollar: 4.40$43,294$24.058.5
Australia$3.36Australian Dollar 4.45$51,692$28.727
Indonesia*$3.36Indonesian Rupiah$3,869$2.1593.8
Thailand$3.33Thai Baht 125$7,186$3.9950
Poland*$3.31Polish Zloty 14.50$15,721$8.7322.7
Slovakia$3.3Euro 3.00$23,268$12.9315.3
El Salvador*$3.25USD 3.25$3,798$2.1192.4
Hungary$3.24Hungarian Florint 1,150$15,980$8.8821.9
Spain$3.20Euro 2.90$27,063$1512.8
Czech Republic$3.20Koruna 75.50$22,931$12.7415.1
Guatemala*$3.19Guatemalen Quetzal 24.50$4,603$2.5574.8
Cambodia*$3.10USD 3.10$1,543$0.86217
Romania*$3.07Romanian Leu 13.80$12,896$7.1625.7
Malaysia$3.02Malaysian Ringgit 12.604$10,413$5.7931.3
Bolivia$2.99Boliviano: 19.50$3133$1.74103.1
United States$2.95US Dollar 2.95$63,593$35.335.2
Argentina$2.95320 Argentine Peo$8,579$4.7737.1
Peru$2.94Peruvian Sol 11$6,126$3.4051.8
Philippines*$2.88Philipines peso 150$3,298$1.8394.3
Italy$2.84Euro 2.60$31,374$17.439.8
Portugal$2.80Euro 2.55$22,176$12.3213.6
Brazil$2.79Real 14.20$6,796$3.7844.3
Morocco$2.75Moroccan Dirham 27.25$3,085$1.7196.3
Azerbaijan*$2.74Manat 4.65$4,221$2.3570.1
Tunisia$2.60Tunisian Dinar 8$3,521$1.9679.8
South Africa$2.45South African Rand 37$5,665$3.1546.7
Egypt*$2.45Egyptian Pound: 38.60$3,569$1.9874.1
Mexico$2.43Mexican Peso 51.30$8,429$4.6831.1
Bulgaria*$2.34Lev 4.20$10,079$5.6025.1
Colombia$2.23Colombia peso 8440$5,334$2.9645.2
Panama$1.60Panamanian Balboa: 1.60$12,509$6.9513.8

* I could not get price information directly from the store so I used their 2019 prices and adjusted for inflation

**As of 10/03/2022 Starbucks has suspended trading in Russia.

Map Of Findings

Commenting on the findings, Drinky Coffee Founder Oliver Baise said:

“Starbucks have trialled opening franchises in many countries, and not always to success. This information demonstrates how, to operate in certain countries, Starbucks products really need to be seen as a luxury item”


Prices for the USA were taken from Starbucks’s US website. Prices for the UK, Canada and Australia were taken from Uber Eats. The 30% increase that Starbucks levy on their Uber Eats order was accounted for in all cases.

Prices of Tall Latte’s in all other countries were obtained either by:

  • Phoning a store in the capital city of that country and asking for the price of a Tall Latte
  • Looking at a list of 2019 prices and adjusting them for inflation

The 2019 price list can be found on the Starbucks Index, and inflation rates were taken from Trading Economics.

All currency exchange rates were correct as of 10/03/2022 and were taken from: XE.com.

GDP per capita was taken from The World Bank and the average hourly rate of each country was calculated by dividing a countries’ GDP per capita by 1800.

pH of Drinks

I bought a pH tester and tested the acidity and alkalinity of common drinks. This includes various types of drinking water, alcoholic drinks, soft drinks,

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