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Coffee Statistics [Updated For 2023]

Written by: Oli Baise
Last updated: October 19, 2023

While researching some of my other coffee articles, I realised that there were a lot of conflicting figures online regarding statistics around coffee and the coffee industry.

I therefore spent a day digging around market research reports and industry associations to uncover the most recent and accurate data on coffee in 2023.

I tried to be as careful as possible to draw my statistics from reliable sources, and I will cite all these sources at the end of the article.

If these statistics have got you craving a cup of joe, you might want to check out my reviews of espresso machines and drip coffee makers.

Top Coffee Statistics

  • Brazil is the largest producer of coffee in the world. They produce 34% of the world’s coffee. [World Atlas]
  • American coffee drinkers spend on average $2,100 on coffee every year. [Amerisleep]

USA Coffee Consumption Statistics

  • In the USA, 517 million cups of coffee are drank each day. This is a 29% increase from 2020 (400 million cups) and a 14% increase from 2021 (445 million cups). [National Coffee Association of the USA]
  • Americans spend on average $2,100 on coffee every year. [Amerisleep]
  • 53% of Americans say they will intentionally buy coffee that has a low carbon footprint or that ensures that growers get paid a fair wage. 47% of Americans say that this does not affect their consumer decision. [National Coffee Association of the USA]
  • Espresso is twice as popular as filter coffee among millennials. This is the first generation in the US where espresso is a more popular way of preparing coffee than drip/filter coffee. [National Coffee Association of the USA]
  • Coffee is the most commonly drunk beverage in the USA. In a typical day, more Americans will consume coffee than bottled water or tap water (see Table 1 for more information). [National Coffee Association of the USA]
  • The most popular espresso based drink in the USA are cappuccino and latte with 17% of Americans preferring these two drinks (see Table 2 for more information). [National Coffee Association of the USA]

Table 1: Most popular drinks in the USA

BeveragePercentage of Americans who drink this daily
Bottled Water54%
Tap Water42%
Soft drinks & Soda38%
Fruit Juice23%

Table 2: Most popular espresso based drinks in the USA

Type of DrinkPercentage of coffee drinkers who drank this in the last week
Flat White6%

Global Coffee Consumption Statistics

  • Around 2.25 billion cups of coffee are drank each day across the globe. That’s 821 billion cups a year. [British Medical Journal]
  • 34% of all the coffee in the world is drank as instant coffee, 11% is pod coffee, and the remaining 65% is either ground or whole bean. [Washington Post] [Mordor Intelligence]
  • The Netherlands is the country that drinks the most coffee per person. They drink an average of 18.26 pounds ( of coffee every year (see Table 4 for more information). [Statista]
  • Coffee is the sixth most consumed commercial beverage in the world after bottled water, tea, milk, carbonated soft drinks and beer (see Table 5 for more information). [Wageningen Academic Publishers]

Table 3: Countries that drink the most coffee per capita

NationCoffee consumed per person
The Netherlands18.26 lbs / 8.29 kg
Finland17.16 lbs / 7.78 kg
Sweden16.72 lbs / 7.58 kg
Norway14.52 lbs / 6.59 kg
Canada12.10 lbs / 5.49 kg
Lebanon11.66 lbs / 5.29 kg
Germany11.44 lbs / 5.19 kg
Brazil11.22 lbs / 5.09 kg
Qatar11.00 lbs / 4.99 kg
Switzerland10.56 lbs / 4.79 kg
Italy10.34 lbs / 4.69 kg
Estonia9.46 lbs / 4.29 kg
Portugal8.88 lbs / 4.03 kg
USA7.70 lbs / 3.49 kg
France7.48 lbs / 3.40 kg

Table 4: Most popular commercial beverages in the world

BeveragePercentage of people who have consumed this in the last day
Bottled water15.3%
Carbonated soft drinks12.5%
Still soft drinks2.7%
Fruit juice2.6%

Coffee Production Statistics

  • 103 million tons of coffee was produced in 2021. [Drinky Coffee]
  • Brazil is the biggest producer of coffee in the world. They produce a third of the world’s coffee (see table below for more information). [World Atlas]
  • Every year Brazil produces 3,804,000 tons of coffee [World Atlas]
  • Between 1991-2021, Vietnam went from producing 0.1% to 17% of the world’s coffee. [BBC] [World Atlas]

Biggest Coffee Producers in the World 2021

CountryAnnual Coffee Production (in metric tons)Percentage of the World's Coffee Production
Costa Rica89,1001%
Cote D'ivoire88,2001%
Papua New Guinea45,0000.6%
El Salvador31,6800.4%
DR Congo15,0000.2%
Dominican Republic7,5000.1%
Sierra Leone4,8000%
  • Coffee shops sold $28.7 billion worth of coffee in the US in 2021. [Mintel]
  • The average coffee shop owner makes $60,000 – $160,000 each year [Projection Hub]
  • Americans spend on average $2,100 on coffee each year. [Amerisleep]
  • $12.9 billion was spent globally on coffee machines in 2021. [Statista]
  • Coffee drinkers around the world spend on average $230 a year on their habit. [Research and Markets]
  • 70% of people say they will not be buying regular coffees at coffee shops after the pandemic due to learning how to make high quality coffee at home. [New York Post]
  • The keyword “coffee shop near me” is searched 117,000 every month in the USA [Ahrefs]

How Covid-19 Has Affected The Coffee Industry

  • In 2020 half of all coffee drinkers in the US purchased a device to make coffee at home. [SWNS Digital]
  • 2020 was the first year that the number of coffee shops decreased in the USA. [Statista]
  • Global searches for “coffee shop near me” dropped 60% when the pandemic began (February 2020) and only returned to pre-pandemic levels in July 2022 (see image below).
Left arrow is when pandemic began, right arrow is when interest first returned to pre pandemic levels

UK Coffee Statistics

  • People in the UK drink 98 million cups of coffee per day. That’s 35 billion cups a year. [World Population Review]
  • People in the UK spend £1.46 billion a year on coffee. [Statista]
  • UK coffee drinkers drink 2.3 cups of coffee a day on average. [Statista]

Information on How We Take Our Coffee

  • The most popular way of making coffee at home in the US is drip/filter coffee. 41% of coffee made at home is brewed in this way (see Table 2 for more information). [National Coffee Association of the USA]
  • The popularity of drip coffee makers has reduced by 24% in the last 5 years, with the popularity of espresso machines doubling and single serve brewing growing by 50% in the same time. [National Coffee Association of USA]
  • 2020 was the first year where single serve coffee makers outsold drip coffee makers in the USA. [Keurig]. For more information on single serve coffee makers, please see my roundup of the best coffee machines for K cups.

Table 5: Most Popular ways of making coffee at home (USA)

Preparation MethodPercentage of coffee drinkers who prefer to make this coffee at home
Drip Coffee Maker41%
Pod Brewing (Nespresso, Keurig etc)27%
Instant Coffee18%
Cold Brewing9%
Espresso Machine8%

Table 6: Most commonly searched coffee recipes (USA)

SearchMonthly Searches
How to make a cold brew coffee29,000
How to make iced coffee26,000
How to make French press coffee13,000
How to make a latte10,000
How to make whipped coffee (dalgona)6,200
How to make pour over coffee 4,300

Caffeine Consumption Statistics

  • 90% of people consume caffeine to improve academic, work or athletic performance. [Precision Hydration]

Table 7: How People Consume Caffeine

Means of Caffeine ConsumptionProportion of Consumption Method
Soft Drinks9%
Energy Drinks5%
Caffeine Pills & Supplements<1%

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