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Big Island Coffee Review – Kona Peaberry

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Last updated: October 31, 2022
Big Island Coffee Roasters kindly sent me their Kona Peaberry coffee for an honest review.

TL:DR: Big Island Coffee Roaster’s Kona Peaberry is one of the best coffees I have ever drunk. I’d implore any coffee fan to try it – you will not be disappointed.

This is my review of Big Island Coffee Roaster’s Kona Peaberry.

Big Island Coffee Roasters sent me four ounces of their Kona Peaberry whole-bean coffee.

I made three drinks with this:

  • Brewed in a French press with no milk or sugar
  • Brewed French Press with milk
  • Made as an espresso

Here are my thoughts:

Do I Recommend Big Island Kona Peaberry?

Absolutely yes!

Big Island’s Kona Peaberry is the tastiest coffee I have ever had.

Its combination of bitterness and butteriness reminds me of high-quality dark chocolate. This made it a very unique flavored coffee and a noticeable step up from the specialty coffee that I usually drink.

What Does Big Island’s Kona Peaberry Taste Like?

The Kona Peaberry tasted like dark chocolate and had a buttery mouthfeel.

It was sweet by coffee standards, with very little noticeable acidity. The buttery mouthfeel of the coffee was amplified if you added milk to it (even just a drop).

The coffee had a long finish, which I think was a big part of the reason why it reminded me so much of chocolate. It felt like the coffee was still in my mouth even after drinking it.

Big Island Coffee Roasters claim that the main tasting notes of the Kona Peaberry are “Caramel, Plum and Cinnamon”, I would agree here with the caramel and plum, as both are rich, sweet flavors, but I didn’t really get any cinnamon.

All in all, the Kona Peaberry was richer and more decadent (in a good way) than the Colombian speciality coffee that I drink most days.

How To Brew Big Island’s Kona Peaberry Coffee?

I’d recommend drinking the coffee as a drip or filter coffee, rather than as an espresso.

While I still enjoyed the espresso, I couldn’t help but think that this was a bit of a waste of the coffee as the shorter brewing times meant that you missed out on the depth and the complexity of its flavor.

I’d recommend a dash of milk with the Kona Peaberry as this helped bring out its buttery notes.

Big Island Coffee Roasters recommend a 17:1 brewing ratio. I did not see this until after I had finished the coffee and instead brewed with my usual 14:1 ratio. I still really enjoyed the coffee and think that with such a high-quality bean it’s hard to make a drink that isn’t great.

Who Will Enjoy Big Island’s Kona Peaberry?

Big Island’s Kona Peaberry is best for those who want their coffee to be indulgent. 

Although I really enjoyed the drink, I don’t think I could have several cups of it in a day just because of how rich it is.

It really does feel like a treat, which is a big part of its charm. 

I’ll most likely have it as part of my coffee roster, and bring it out when I’m looking to impress friends or want something comforting on a cold day.

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