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Last updated: September 29, 2023

Drinky Coffee is the ultimate resource for coffee lovers who want to learn how to make café quality coffee at home.

Our Mission

We want to make brewing coffee at home as simple, fun, and tasty as possible.

Whether you want the convenience of K cups or want to explore the near-infinite depths of brewing espresso with specialty coffee I want to help you by providing:

  • Unbiased reviews of coffee machines and other coffee brewing products.
  • Guides on different coffee brewing methods and recipes
  • Information and data on coffee production, coffee consumption, and the coffee industry.

About Me

Me in coffee shop

My name is Oli Baise. I grew up around coffee, as my parents run a coffee shop – The Coffee Traveller in London, UK.

During my teens I was involved with running all aspects of the shop, doing everything from making coffee to managing our website.

Oh and clean up, lots and lots of clean up 🙁

I took having constant access to amazing quality coffee for granted, so when I first moved away from home (and the shop), I was in for a big shock.

Instant coffee seemed basically tasteless in comparison to what I was used to from the shop. I needed “proper” coffee but was too poor to fork out £3 every day for it.

So I started as many do with a French Press and “posh” grocery store coffee (think Illy or Lavazza’s pre-ground stuff). While this was nice, it still didn’t quite hit the spot.

My next big discovery was that there were specialty coffee roasters who sold small bags of coffee to individuals. Growing up I only thought you could buy it in large wholesale batches.

This got me into more sophisticated coffee brewing methods; a rabbit hole that now has my kitchen, bedroom, and garage filled with countless grinders, espresso machines, and drip brewers.

The more I get into brewing and tasting coffee, the more I think that while it’s one of the easiest passions to get into, there really is no end point to it.

That’s why I put together this site – so you can learn to enjoy coffee brewing regardless of the amount of time, energy, and money you put into it.

My Editorial Philosophy

You’ll probably have noticed that a lot of the articles here are reviews and recommendations of products.

These articles contain affiliate links, so if you click them and buy, then I’ll receive a cut of the purchase (at no extra cost to you).

Because of this, I just want to touch quickly on my general approach when it comes to choosing products to recommend.

  • Honesty about the experience with products: I try to use as many of the products that I review and recommend as I can. If I’m reviewing a product that I haven’t used then I will explicitly say so in the review. If a company has sent me a product to review (this has not happened yet) then I’ll also explicitly say this in the review.
  • Prioritization of a product’s longevity and durability over gimmicky features: The quality of coffee you can brew with any given machine depends at least as much on your coffee beans and brewing precision as the machine itself (this is particularly true for espresso). It’s almost always a massive oversimplification to say that X machine makes better coffee than Y machine. Because of this, I tend to pay more attention to things like build quality, repair potential, and product lifespan than basic performance (although I analyze that too). I think that this approach leads you to make the best value-for-money purchases.
  • Evaluating products on their own terms: I realize that someone who’s interested in brewing with Nespresso pods wants a different type of experience from someone who wants a single-dose grinder and dual boiler espresso machine. I try as far as possible to evaluate each product on how well they serve their intended audience. In other words, I try as hard as possible not to be a coffee snob.

I have a dedicated article on my product review guidelines and methodology if you’d like to find out more about this in detail.

What to Do Next

If you like the cut of my jib then take a look at my coffee product reviews and brewing guides. I’ve categorized them along the following lines:

  • Espresso: This covers brewing with “traditional” style espresso machines, as well as fully automatic “bean to cup” espresso machines.
  • Drip coffee: This covers brewing large batches of drip/filter coffee. It includes French Presses, pour-overs, and automatic drip brewers.
  • Nespresso: This covers Nespresso machines and other types of pod espresso brewers.
  • Keurig and other single-serve brewers: This covers K cup and single-serve coffee machines.

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